About Me

My name is John Diggins, I like to write code and play guitar. I live in Boston.

In programming, I’m been interested in programming languages and PL research. Over the past year, I have been fascinated by lisps in their simplicity and power. I’m also a fan of being practical, so I feel no guilt bouncing between different languages as I see fit. I adore Python, I think Java is a great/safe language, I have a soft spot for C/C++ as I worked with these a lot in my education, I love working through problems in OCaml, which is why I also keep an eye on Rust.

In guitar, I have been playing in P4 tuning for almost 8 years now - that is tuning EADGCF insteadof EADGBE. Anyone interested in improvisation on the guitar should at least try P4 tuning.

I plan on writing about what I have been working on in programming as well as guitar. I also plan on writing some educational posts in guitar, to try to help the P4 community grow.